Bon jour~

I bet you're all wondering what's this project about. As stated in the description at the
side panel of this blog, it's basically creating flowers in any form of shapes and sizes using
paper (and any colour to that matter). As an end product, the paper flowers contributed by
you (yes, YOU, the little people in the audience) would be included in the major artwork.

The purpose of this project is to show your own creativity and individuality (how you
interpret an object from reality into an artwork of your own).

So, if you're interested, please send your paper flowers through mail (contact me for the
postal address) or you could just email me the picture. All participants would be credited;
please include your name as well.

P/s: There's no limit to how many paper flowers you could contribute, so get your scissors
and glue ready and let's bloom some flowers shall we?

** Please Recycle all the unused papers.

Deadline for submission :

UK - 30th January 2010 15th February 2010
All over the world - 15th January 2010 (due to postal delivery) 30th January 2010

How did you AWESOME people heard about this project?

14 May 2010

Exhibition at the University of Bradford

Media Project Exhibtion.
Gallery II, Chesham Building, University of Bradford.
From 13th May - 28th May 2010.

With a successful rate for the project, I've received 319 flowers in total. Thank you everyone for all your support. The installation has be premiered in Gallery II, Chesham Building, University of Bradford, along with other final year projects. From 13th May to 28th May 2010.

The aim of the project was to see how successful advertising through social networking was. Currently, the site has been visited from 61 different countries for the last 5 months. I've hosted two small events : 1 with the BruBrad Society, and the other in the University.

Without the help of participants, it would have not been possible to complete this project. Thank you all with great appreciation.

25 February 2010

Installation artwork

Finally, I have completed the artwork for the paper blooms project. ^_^ thank you to everyone who has kindly participated in this project. I'll post the sample installation pictures after this Thursday~ Be sure to keep on checking the blog and facebook group :)

To see more of the mock up installation pictures, do visit the FaceBook group. Thank you :D

How to make Bindweed flower

23 February 2010

Event Compilation Video

A short documentary of the events I've held for this project.

21 February 2010

Paper Blooms Event 15.02.10

Not a bad turn out :D I was really-really happy to at least be receiving around 30+ paper flowers. It wasn't a bad idea to print a template for people as well. Bonus for that anyway. Here are the pictures from the event :

Paper Blooms Main Event pictures

(Somehow, I can't seem to upload it in this website at the moment. So, facebook will do for the time being. I'll try again soon.)

Thank you for those who participated :

Hazwan Ruslan, Christos Drougkas, Justin Hunter, Janejira Chenarak, Sophie Meddocks, Kota Minato, Tomoya Nishikawa, Siti Khadizah Roslan, Mairaj M. Soomro, Sakiinah Jair, Josri Hj Julay, Aimi Rosli, Maarya Adnan, Rashpal Matharu, Muhammad Ibrahim, Radhakrishnan, Sumia Ishaq, Asghar Sayeed, Rahmah Emran, Humaira Bashir, Uzma Rani Arif, Paryaneh Rostami, Sarah Yasin, Snazia Younis, Faiza Rafique, Mutiba Khan and Vbaid Ruzzon.

Apologies if i have wrongly typed your names.

Thank you to Eff, MJ, Qawi, Aziz and Azri for taking shifts to help me out. Thank you to Rares and Patrick as well.

P/s: Apologies for the late post.

04 February 2010

Apologies on postcard and poster errors

I do apologize for the error printed on the posters and postcards. The paper flowers could be submitted in the Paper Blooms submission box (located in front of the HUB) by the 17th of February 2010, not January.

03 February 2010

Paper Blooms Main Event

You are cordially invited to the Paper Blooms Event which will take place at the University of Bradford, Atrium on the 15th February 2010 from 10.00am to 4.30pm.